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Coffee has been around for ages and, as legend goes, was first discovered through the energetic behavior of goats after eating a certain type of berry. After further experimentation with the berry, coffee began its spread around the world and became one of the most popular beverages on the planet. Since the early stages of coffee, numerous related drinks have emerged and captivated coffee fanatics worldwide. Though each type of coffee drink has its own interesting origin, let’s talk about three that have gained widespread popularity in the last century.


This simple espresso drink has an interesting (alleged) origin. True to its name, the Americano was invented by American soldiers while stationed in Italy during World War II. According to legend, these soldiers were accustomed to your average American drip coffee and likely had never even tasted espresso until their time in Europe. Due to the overwhelming flavor of straight espresso, hot water was added to dilute the espresso and mimic the flavor of regular drip coffee. After the war, the drink came to the U.S. and is now a coffee shop staple.


The mocha latte is a hugely popular drink in the U.S. It is essentially a chocolate version of your average latte. Inspired by the Turin drink Bicerin, the mocha combines espresso, steamed milk and chocolate. So why not just call it the chocolate latte? There is a port city in Yemen named Mocha that has been an enormous exporter of coffee for centuries. The coffee from this port is known for having significant notes of natural chocolate flavor.


This drink can be difficult to find in coffee shops due to its need for one very important ingredient: Irish Whiskey. Combining coffee, whiskey, sugar and cream, Irish Coffee is a treat for those old enough to make the order! The famed drink originated in a small west-coast town in Ireland known as Foynes. The town housed an airbase that was predominately used for routes between the United States and Ireland. One night, a travel journalist was forced to stay overnight in Foynes after a storm cancelled his flight plans and he was given Irish Coffee by a restaurant owner. After his return home, he worked tirelessly to recreate this rich beverage and is credited for its introduction to the United States.

Coffee drinks are some of the most popular beverages on the planet and their stories are just as enjoyable as their tastes! We’d love to talk coffee history with you next time you stop in at Tin Cup!

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