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Working remotely is both a luxury and a curse. Sometimes, the four walls of your home or office can feel stagnant. Thus contributing to an environment that makes it hard to produce great work. Fortunately, when you have the flexibility to work from just about anywhere, you can relocate to rejuvenate your creativity.

Nashville is full of artists and entrepreneurs that are building a name for themselves. And, when the inspiration seems to be just outside their grasp, they head out to one of the cities many coffee shops to nestle down and recoup. As a coffee company, we see a lot of freelancers and business owners traipsing through our door to find the solace they need.

If you’re looking for some of the best coffee shops in Nashville to work remotely, we’ve compiled the ultimate list just for you.


Sometimes you need a cozy spot to get work done that is not your home or office. Headquarters is that place. We say that because it is relatively small. There are just a few tables available for patrons which are both a blessing and a curse. If you manage to score a coveted seat, you’ll not have to worry about overcrowding and the noise level becoming unmanageable. They offer great pastries, and some of their coffees are made from local ingredients.

Location: 4902 Charlotte Pike

Bongo Java

Bongo Java is synonymous with remote work. The reason? It’s located within two blocks of Belmont University and has been there since 1993. This coffee spot offers patrons plenty of seating both in and outdoors. An excellent option when the weather is beautiful. Their breakfast menu is pretty amazing and is fortunately served all day. So, no rush trying to get there in time. In fact, they are open later than most other coffee shops. So, we recommend this place if you are looking for a place to get some last minute work completed.

Location: 2007 Belmont Blvd


Ever have a meeting downtown and need to find a place to schedule it without worrying about parking? You’ll want to check out Steadfast. It’s one of Nashville’s newer coffee shops and has plenty of large tables for remote working or to host a meeting. Plus, you can park for free on the street or in their parking lot. Steadfast is one of the newer coffee shops in Nashville and located in growing Germantown. They don’t just sell coffee. This coffee shop also has a revolving menu serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Location: 603 Taylor St

Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey is a small coffee chain with three locations in Nashville, one in Franklin, and one in Chattanooga. Frothy is an excellent choice when you need to work remotely but forgot to bring something for lunch. Their menu is broad and includes a lot of gourmet sandwiches, salads, and mains. There is a location on 5th in downtown Nashville. You can pay for parking in one of the nearby parking garages. Alternatively, you can visit their original site at 12th South where you are more likely going to score some free parking. It’s quite popular, so you might have a bit of noise to compete with which is why we recommend bringing some headphones.

Location: 2509 12th Ave. South

Tin Cup

If you want the ultimate coffee shop experience, visit the Tin Cup. The coffee shop and roasting company were created by the team of marketers behind Horton Group. So, they understand a thing or two about building an environment that caters to and nurtures expansive thinking. A new location has just opened up Madison and provides a necessary reprieve from the hustle and bustle of downtown, but within a convenient drive so you can still schedule important meetings. There’s free parking for paying customers to make it easier to come down and get your tasks checked off your to-do list.

Location: 138 Rosa L Parks Blvd & 600 Medical Park Dr, Madison, TN

The next time you need inspiration, come and join us at the Tin Cup. We’ll happily make your favorite cup to get those creative juices flowing.

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