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If you are a coffee lover, you’ve likely had at least one point in life where you have seriously considered cutting back on your cups-a-day of brewed happiness. While there may be some health benefits in easing off for those particularly heavy coffee drinkers, there are still plenty of reasons to remain unwavering in your noble pursuit of perpetual caffeine flow. Because we want you to be prepared for any and all of the attacks on your daily habits, let’s discuss some legitimate health benefits of coffee (backed by science!).


According to the University of Finland’s School of Medicine, drinking up to five cups of coffee per day can help combat the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s in later life. In fact, those who drank three to five cups a day had decreased their risk by as much as 65%! We like those odds, and that’s a good enough reason alone to keep on keepin’ on with your coffee habits.


study conducted by a number of Japanese organizations suggests that drinking coffee every day can reduce mortality from Cardiovascular Disease by up to 38% in men and 22% in women. Again, the sweet spot that will benefit you the most is three to five cups per day.


The New England Journal of Medicine conducted a study that associates coffee with an overall increase in risk aversion. From a multitude of illnesses to accidents, coffee can help prevent a plethora of adverse circumstances. Once more, we see that three to five cups will lead to the highest benefit, which increases our aversion to illnesses and accidents by up to 12%!


Drinking coffee prior to work can decrease work-related pain, such as wrist soreness while typing, according to a study by BioMed Central. Those who drank coffee reported more pain relief than those who did not drink coffee. A study needs to be done on a larger scale to be widely accepted, but this is a good start!


Harvard study suggests that drinking coffee greatly reduces the risk of developing Type-2 Diabetes. Of course, this finding relies on not piling sugar into every cup you drink, but there’s nothing wrong with a little. When about 12% of men over 20 have Type-2 Diabetes, drinking coffee is not only enjoyable but smart!

There you have it: 5 scientifically backed reasons to stay on the coffee train. Of course, coffee is not the key to overall health, but there are plenty of studies that suggest coffee can be a valuable component in living a healthy life. Drinking three to five cups a day seems to be the magic number for maximum effect and benefit, and what better place to get your coffee fix than Tin Cup?

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