Tin Cup Coffee, located in the heart of downtown Nashville, TN, began as an effort to add an extra bit of care and hospitality to the experience of clients of The Horton Group, a marketing and web-design firm located in the building that now houses Tin Cup Coffee's flagship cafe and roasting operation. The iconic brand, Inspired by the Horton Group team, was conceived as a way to hearken back and pay homage to the past

"I pictured American patriots, cowboys out in the Wild West, living with the land, drinking coffee out of a tin cup. So I saw it as a symbol that goes all the way back to the founding of the nation. It just had an image that really appealed to me."   - Tin Cup Coffee Owner, Ned Horton

 A few years later, the coffee shop and roasting company have grown to occupy the entirety of the spacious and incredibly inviting Horton Building property, which is also a popular venue for private events such as weddings, concerts, and more.